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i tend to tweet ALOT: i curse and type in caps often! i use fancams and i change my layout alot english is not my first language i don't really take kpop seriously i am more active on my priv currently so go req!

you fit dni criteria + islamophobic. invalidate neopronouns pansexuality and any pronoun lesbians. you engage in fanwars often. mcyttwt. / don't tag me 2 unf someone over kpop & i fb selectively!

you are listening to... Maze in the Mirror by TXT 🎧 끝은 어딜까 달려 보지만 In the mirror 속의 미로 보호란 통 가 날 가두고 아파도 더는 투정 부리면 안 돼 나를 꼭 감춰둔 세상, 세상 Please don't give up on me

ults (^‿^)

TWiCE jihyo sana LOONA kim lip gowon yves BLACKPINK jisoo TXT taehyun beomgyu yeonjun RED VELVET seulgi

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iZONE yujin eunbi sakura GWSN anne miya iTZY ryujin chaeryeong EVERGLOW mia sihyeon STAYC seeun isa

more + soloists yukika hoody billie eilish fazerdaze reality club ariana grande eloise niki etc.


kdramas! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

currently watching extraordinary you
watched another miss oh crash landing on you hello my twenties! start up welcome to waikiki 2 fight for my way what's wrong with secretary kim strong girl bong soon weightlifting fairy kim bok joo my first first love dinner mate abyss true beauty etc.